Sunday, November 15, 2009


I know it's been another long time. I'm sorry. I'm still not sure what's going on the Palace. I've been doing too much talking and not enough doing. I've got to really start snooping.

Coal and Blaze have been back for a few weeks now. They're so different. Whatever is amiss in the Palace is making them act strangely. Coal is back, but it's almost like he's still not here. He doesn't look at us kachinas, talk to us, even smile at us anymore. And there's some new sparktress slave who's after him. I don't know what happened to him in Brightwood, but he's different and horrible. I haven't even attempted to ask him what's going on. I'm sure he wouldn't tell me, if he even answered me at all.

I got upset at a little kachina-in-training last week. She was being unbearably defiant and telling me I was dancing wrong.

Yes, she said that to me. After four hours of her rubbing on my nerves, her accusing me of dancing wrong was the last straw. I ended up yelling at her and making her stay after training to do extra conditioning. No one much cared (except her, of course), but now we're apparently mortal enemies. The little seven-year-old is making my life miserable. She talks constantly during training, refuses to do steps right, and her form is so terrible even Coal could see it! If she ever wants to get anywhere as a kachina, she had better improve awfully quickly. I'm not sure she knows what happens to unless kachinas...I'm not even sure I know...

Tensions, tensions, tensions. I'm curious, but also cowardly. I never thought of myself as being cowardly before, but the idea of actually sneaking around the Palace spying makes my stomach knot. I've no idea what would happen to me if I were caught. I'm sure I don't want to find out...

I'm such a miserable, impatient coward. As usual, any and every comment is welcome.


  1. What's a sparktressling? And what happens to kachinas if they don't dance properly?

  2. A sparktressling when someone is a sparktress (fire fairy girl) and has the same parents as you do? Then they are your sparktressling...What's the human word for that...SISTER! Sparktressling is the fire fairy word for sister. Sparkerling is the fire fairy word for brother.

    Um, I'm not completely sure what happens to kachinas who are useless...I know that when my friends and I became the Fire Lords kachinas, no one ever saw the old ones anymore...I think the Fire Lord might get rid of them. It's important for everything in the Palace to work smoothly. If someone isn't making themselves useful, why keep them around?

    Questions are always good; I like answering anything you ask!