Monday, June 22, 2009

Traveling in the Heat

We're making very good time on the way to Jules, and we should be there either tomorrow or the day after. Nothing terribly exciting has happened on the journey so far, aside from a few minor accidents, one involving a fireball (I swear, I wasn't aiming for Flame's litter). We aren't running low on treated water yet, which is a very good thing because it's dangerously hot.

The heat has made things absolutely miserable the last couple of days. Especially for traveling over the unoccupied areas of Jeolotoe. There's a small desert region between Furier and Jules, and we just had to cross it during the hottest part of the year. The sun beating down so intensely you can feel your skin soaking up the blistering rays, the water being rationed, your throat always being parched and your lips cracked and dry, walking for shadowmarks a day, riding in a litter for maybe half a shadowmark, the whole journey is just awful.

I'm not really complaining, though. I'm alright with the scorching heat as long as there's Jules to look forward to. And anyway, we fire fairies are much better with heat than humans.

Oh, I have more to tell you, but I have to stop writing now. It's late (at least for a journey night) and Coal is giving me the evil eye for having holding this fireball for light. I'd better say goodbye or he's liable to come over and put it out himself. Thank you for reading, I hope your night is a cooler one than mine.

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