Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Traveling

I can't believe it, I'm actually posting two days in a row. *smiles*

We're still making excellent time, and the word is that we'll be in Jules by sunset, which is still a bit late considering it's summertime. Today has been the hottest of all. I'm so tired. My eyes are burning, everything aches, I have a headache, etc. etc. I can't wait to get to Jules, although I'm sure we all look a fright. I hope we'll be able to freshen up a little before meeting the Emperor.

I'm also very hungry and thirsty and bored. We harassed the guards and spies for a while, but then they got irritated enough for us to leave them alone (after all, we do value our lives at least somewhat).

I made us drill our routines for a while, just to make sure we're in prime preforming condition when we arrive. But then Firefly started nagging me for being bossy, Flicker started frustrating me with her weak form, Sparkle started griping about the heat, Flare retreated into her Ember-Is-Being-A-Jerk-And-I-Don't-Want-To-Tell-Her shell, and Comet just quit practicing. Plus, the sparkers started making catcalls and making fun of us for being such drill sargents about dancing, so I was glad to stop after a while.

The problem is that aside from dancing, there isn't much to do out here but walk and daydream. We passed through a tiny settlement around midday, but it wasn't very interesting. There weren't many people and they were all dull as anything. The settlement was so small and new that it wasn't even named yet.

Sorry I don't have any more to say. I'll try to post tonight after we get to Jules (I'm *so* excited!!), but I make no promises. Thanks for reading!

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