Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deities of Jules

Sorry, it's been a while. Again. I'm sorry.

Besides the first two days, nothing extremely big has happened. It's the little things that have made this journey so memorable. Sparkle and Flare and I have been "teaching" Princess Sadira to dance like a kachina, and so far the Emperor hasn't found out.

We'll be leaving for home tomorrow, and although I'm glad I came to Jules, I'll still be glad to get home. As frightening as the Fire Lord is, the Emperor can be quite terrifying himself.

I got Princess Sadira to tell me some about the Julese culture, too. She's really a pleasant person to be talk to, especially for someone who's royal. She told me all about what different colors and patterns of fabric symbolized, which colors peasants were allowed to wear, the different castes, how different crimes were punished, and about the Julese gods and goddesses.

I really must go into detail about that last one. You probably aren't very interested about the other things the princess told me (although I might post about them later, just for documentation), but I for one found the Julese religion very interesting.

We Furieites don't believe in worsphiping anything or anyone but the current Fire Lord, but the Julese worship the same seven deities all the time! Isn't that a strange concept? Maybe it's just me.

The Julese believe in seven gods and goddesses. Three goddesses, three gods, and then the God of all Gods.

The God of all Gods is named Zanthor. He's supposed to be extremely powerful and fierce and pretty quick to deal out judgments, which is why it's good that he married Kaela, the goddess of love, beauty and charm. She's supposedly really good at pacifying him and keeping from destroying the whole world whenever someone forgets to sacrifice to him or something.

My personal favorite goddess was Siralla, goddess of wisdom. Of course, it's a goddess and not a god. Everyone knows sparktresses (and girls) have more sense than sparkers (and boys). *smirks* Anyway, Siralla isn't as beautiful and charming as the petite, blonde Kaela, but she always knows exactly what to do or say. I envy her that quality (at least, I would if she were real to envy).

Princess Sadira said her favorite deity was Siralla, also, but her second favorite was the god Darq, god of weather. Princess Sadira loves storms and thunder and lightning, so she prays to Darq often. I, being a fire fairy, cannot understand anyone loving rain, but I guess I can understand loving thunder and lightning. It's so powerful, you know? Darq is supposed to be wild and unpredictable with hair like thunder clouds and eyes like a raging waters. Princess Sadira said he's supposed to be quite handsome.

Tylindia is the goddess of health. She didn't sound very interesting. Princess Sadira said she's sometimes very white and clean looking, and sometimes a terrible black and yellow. It depends on whether she's doling out health or disease.

My favorite god is Takar, god of war. He's fearless, angry and clever with strategies. I don't know why, but he's my favorite.

There's only one left, Zanthor (God of God's)'s son: Zoran, god of riches and power. Everyone prays to him. The rich people want to stay rich by pleasing the god, and the poor people want to get rich by pleasing the god.

To me, having all those gods and goddesses to worry about would just be troublesome and irritating. Princess Sadira says it's nice to know there's a higher power watching over you, but I think having to follow the rules of seven different deities along with the Fire Lord's would be too much.

Well, that's all I have time for today. Thanks for reading (if you did...)! Goodbye!

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